Friday, October 12, 2012

Just What is the iPad Mini, and is it Real? Could it be the Apple TV?

At this point in time, the ether is abuzz with rumors of the imminent iPad Mini launch. Of course, we should all recognize that the collective track record for Apple prognostications stinks. Apple rumors come and go and never resemble the real world. However, this latest rumor feels like something is missing. If there is an iPad mini will it just be a small screen iPad, or will it be something more?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EU to Probe Microsoft, Google -- Will They Eventually Turn to Apple?

The European Union is reported ( to be investigating potential fines against Microsoft and Google. Microsoft is being investigated over the use of Internet Explorer as a default browser for Windows. Microsoft had previously agreed to offer users a choice of browsers when they installed Windows, but had reported that a 'technical glitch' resulted in distribution of copies of Windows that did not offer users a choice. Google is under investigation over allegations that search results on Google favor Google products in the results delivered.